Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Poe Nevermore, Poe Chardonnay, and Littauer Chardonnay

These are the labels I designed 
for Poe "Nevermore" and Littauer Chardonnay. Littauer was bottled last Fall by our nephew, Trevor Sheehan, and Poe is an up and coming Pinot Noir which is being produced by his sister Samantha. As you can see, the labels are very different, and will appeal to different tastes and types. Littauer is doing extremely well, and is getting rave reviews. Sam & Trevor are both living in Napa, and Samantha is working at a winery, learning the business from the ground up. Their parents, Linda & Bob have recently moved up there as well from Los Angeles. They're all loving it, and the entire family is involved in the wine business. I can't wait to go out & visit...maybe  at Christmas?   PS...The Poe Chardonnay label is the latest addition to the line. It may be coming out this  Fall.

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  1. wow sue...Your taste and style and technique is really advanced! How MODEST YOU ARE!! You should have Plenty Coffee Table Art Books being Published? This label is STUNNING...AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFULL! Gorgeous Grey B&W Palette !!! Why arent You REALLY REALLY FAMOUS YET??? S O O N!! XOXO