Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jamestown sketches

We spent the last two weeks in Jamestown, RI.
 We were house sitting for Marisa Quinn& Jay Sisson, watching their two Labs, Maq & Gillie, and their cat, Samson. It was very relaxing, and I spent a lot of time drawing, just using colored pencils. We went to the beach, and hung out in Newport and Wickford, just poking around. 
Here are some pics of Jack Romano, Ray Noonan, and Patrice Arundale. Jack made a trip to Mackerel Cove while recuperating from spinal surgery. He looks fantastic, and is about 8 inches taller! Ray, of course, is never without a guitar, and was plinking away while watching some tv show. And Patrice  was nice enough to sit in her yellow & white striped suit while we were at the beach one late afternoon. The next night she made us a fabulous dinner!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ginty Pool

This is my son David reading yesterday at our lovely neighborhood pool. I brought my colored pencils along, and he was kind enough to sit for me, in between dives. It was a hot & steamy July day, but we were cool as cucumbers in the shade. It's a beautiful setting; there's always a breeze and Ginty's a perfect pool. It's big and clean and turquoise blue, with lanes for the swimmers, and a deep end for diving. It's surrounded by trees, so by late afternoon it's all shaded over. They actually have a given time every hour for "adult swim" anyone over 18 can have a quiet break from the jumping, splashing, shriekingly adorable kids. They couldn't be having more fun. There's nothing better on a summer afternoon than bringing your chair & a book, and taking a swim.  David's brother Ray met us there with some cousins in tow: Tess, Zelda, & Edward Noonan from France, and Michael Tatlow (NJ) + Emmett Noonan (RI). David recently graduated from Vassar College, and was a Biology major. This summer he's doing volunteer research on Zebra Finches and their songs at Rockefeller University's Upstate NY facility.  Ray, who is pre-med at Vassar, just finished an intensive EMT training course, and has joined the Morristown Volunteer Ambulance Squad.
David is most likely meditating on his future here.......plastics?