Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pop-Up Art Show

This past weekend we put on a fabulous Pop-Up Art Show! It was held in the space for the proposed Morristown EcoCenter, and it was sponsored by Sustainable Morristown, and the Arts Council of the Morris Area. It was a huge success--and we had live music played by Morristown High School students, and we had yummy food and plenty of wine + beer. It was truly a blast! The fun part was that my husband David and my son David both put paintings in the show. The one to the left is called Death, done by David Noonan sr. The True Cost of War is mine, and of course, so is Natural Beauty. Tearful Killer is done by David Noonan Sr, and Secret Star (the one with the little Mario figure in it) is done by David C. Noonan. He wanted to be in the show, and was so inspired when he was there helping us hang it, that he went home and whipped up his own painting. It's the first art show for both David's. An art show is a wonderful thing to put on, and the energy is very catching.....everyone works so hard to decide what goes where, and when something unexpected comes in that just pulls the whole thing together, it's truly inspiring. We have to do it more often! I can see how having a gallery would be an absolute blast. Hmmm...a gallery-bookstore-antiques shop-coffee house? Is that a possibility in the not so far future? We certainly know enough people who could contribute.....

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