Sunday, January 23, 2011


Do people watch more TV in January? It must be the #1 month for cocooning. It's BITTER cold, we've had snowstorm after snowstorm, no one has any extra money or energy, and we're all in that post holiday funk. It must be why American Idol premieres with those two 2 hour episodes a week. Right now it's Sunday night, and my husband David is watching the Jets game and America's Funniest Home Videos. And Jim Gaffigan is on one of the comedy channels doing his hilarious bit about bacon, so David's watching him too.
I grew up in a TV family. My brother & sister & I watched it CONSTANTLY. We would get up at 6 on Saturday mornings and watch it till noon, and every day after school. We would watch it at night after homework till our bedtime. Our dad had a store that sold all kinds of electronic equipment, so we had one of the first color TVs, and everyone came over to our house to watch it. I read books and comics all the time, but I watched a lot of TV.
We have two flat screens in our house. One's in the basement, and the boys can play games on it, and our big one's in the TV room right off the kitchen. It seems like if we're home, it's always on. The HD quality is amazing. This afternoon I curled up in my corner of the couch and watched Hannah and Her Sisters on TCM. It was such a relaxing thing to do on a freezing cold one of my favorite movies under a quilt. I guess there are people who still claim not to watch any TV, but everyone I know, especially family members, watch a ton of it. And plenty of junk, like The Jersey Shore (which I do watch) and Biggest Losers (which I don't). Mad Men is top tier TV, as is Curb Your Enthusiasm, and documentaries like American Masters, and I guess Million Dollar Money Drop is pretty close to the bottom. But right now it's too cold and snowy to do much else....( there are under 60 days till the
First Day of Spring) I'll probably be under my quilt in my corner of the couch watching something or other.

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