Friday, December 10, 2010


 I love vintage cards! These are the latest score from a Poughkeepsie junk shop on Route 9, and I got an entire box for $1. For some reason, they're easy to find, and they're usually really cheap. These are from the bottom end of the Christmas card market, and are kind of cheesy, but who can resist them? The Santa ones are all covered with dusty red flocking, and the kitten on the sled is a little pathetic. I like the dry brush style ornaments, they look very late 50s to me. The cards are all done by Whitman. I have some vintage paper dolls, and the Whitman ones are all done using this technique. I guess it was the style of their in house illustrators. Another detail: all the vintage Christmas cards I have are done on paper, as opposed to card stock, so it's pretty amazing that they've lasted this long, especially the ones from the 40s. And the box that these came in was from an old massage vibrator. It was so awful looking, that I actually decoupaged over it!
But, I do like the Eloise Wilkins style children dancing around Santa and riding on his sled... they're really pretty sweet.


  1. You always find the coolest things. And somehow they all make sense. When I find things and bring them home we call it clutter.

  2. Chip--I really wish I had a shop--but then it would be hard to part with everything. Believe me, there's plenty of clutter here, too. It's a constant battle to keep it all semi-organized!